PRX distributes top shows across broadcast, digital and mobile platforms. This includes essential weekly radio shows like The Moth, This American Life, Reveal and On Being with Krista Tippett. We provide automated delivery for broadcast shows through the PRX Exchange. The Exchange is the largest audio distribution marketplace in the industry, and includes a wide variety of content, from independent audio documentaries to music shows, for license by public radio stations.

As an early innovator in podcasting, PRX created tools to support the growing industry. We provide essential technological infrastructure for our podcasts including a publishing platform (Publish), a dynamic ad insertion tool (Dovetail) and analytics (Metrics).

We also make PRX Remix, our 24/7 channel of the best audio, handpicked from independent creators and Radiotopia. Find PRX Remix on XM 123, public radio stations around the country, and online. Stations can pick what they'd like to air from Remix—from an hour a week to 24 hours per day—and audio makers can submit work to be included.

Please visit our support page for distribution questions.


PRX Exchange
Public radio broadcast distribution

PRX Publishing Platform
Content management and publishing, analytics, and scalabledynamic ad serving

PRX Remix
24/7 channel of handpicked stories



PRX works with organizations and individuals to sharpen skills and inspire the future of audio storytelling.

In 2018, PRX is launching a multi-tier podcast training program. With support from the Boston-based Barr Foundation, we offer workshops for teams and individuals aiming to improve their skills and shows. We're developing online classes in addition to our existing educational programs currently offered at the Podcast Garage.

In 2017, PRX launched Project Catapult, with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Project Catapult is a podcast "accelerator", helping public radio stations build teams, manage resources, grow audience and finding sponsorship. The first Catapult cohort underwent 20 weeks of training and developed seven outstanding new podcasts.


Learn more about Project Catapult at catapult.prx.org.

For more information about PRX's training programs, contact training@prx.org.



The creative economy needs fuel in order to run. As the podcast industry grows, smart businesses are aligning their brands with top shows. PRX helps connect podcasts with a mix of revenue support that includes philanthropic grants, donations, licensing, events and sponsorship. Our NYC-based sales team connects our shows with top brands looking to reach a loyal and engaged podcast audience. PRX's services include sponsorship sales, proprietary dynamic ad insertion technology, ad operations, ad production, reporting, invoicing and collections. We also support select shows with marketing, fundraising services, support for live events and more.

PRX's latest audience survey shows 90% of our listeners recall sponsor names, 83% hold a positive impression of sponsors, 57% are likely to visit a sponsor’s website and 48% are likely to purchase a sponsor’s product. Our shows deliver successful sponsorship results.


To learn more about our revenue services for podcasters, contact sponsor@prx.org.


Podcast Garage

The PRX Podcast Garage is our first community recording studio and classroom, dedicated to the craft of audio storytelling. We opened the Allston, Massachusetts-based Garage in August 2016 to support the work of local audio producers and storytelling enthusiasts.

Our facility features a four-person studio with state-of-the-art recording and mixing equipment and a classroom space for audio producers. We host weekly events on the art and business of podcasting. Garage membership provides independent producers with the space, tools and community to make their shows. In 2017, the Podcast Garage hosted 85 events with 2,500 attendees and students, logged 500 hours of audio in the studio, hosted 15 instructors and awarded 16 scholarships.

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267 Western Ave.
Allston, MA 02143