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In March 2009, several music enthusiasts and educators created an after-school project that allowed students to create concert programs with nationally known artists in rural communities.

The Virginia Museum of Radio Entertainment believes that music is an essential element of a full and productive life. In 2009 the VMRE created an after-school program that allows students to participate in presenting concerts and cultural events with nationally known artists in rural communities. Producing an entire concert by marketing, managing, and presenting the event, students are encouraged to learn and create in a fun and engaging environment.

Students learn how to:
  • Create radio commercials and podcasts.
  • Manage and edit audio for radio airplay.
  • Work with nationally known artists to present successful cultural events.
  • Work with producers, promoters, and tour managers for insight into music business.
  • Create promotional materials for each event.
  • Work within the local business community to sponsor major music and art events.

If you would like to learn more about more about supporting this wonderful program or if you know a student that could excel in the VMRE after-school program, please contact Executive Director, Christopher Gowin at chris@vmre.org or 804-678-8013.